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Subscribing to StripTease means I’ll send you a notice when I put new strips online, but if you haven’t done all the available strips yet it’s got some disadvantages.

The strips progress, and the prior strips provide a foundation. For example- if you cut straight to strip 60, you might find some critical points are given little or no discussion because they had been hashed out so many times beforehand. I think it’s a better learning experience if you start at strip 1 and take it sequentially.


Three important points before subscribing:

  1. Never spam-box my mail or it screws it up for everyone else. If it ends up in your spambox, please un-spam it. Not all StripTease is porn!
  2. Unsubscribing from the group takes fifteen seconds. The instructions are at the bottom of every email.
  3. New cases tend to have less discussion/reference, to reduce redundancy. Therefore it is highly recommended you work through the available cases first!


How to subscribe:

Step 1:

Send an email to from any email account you want to receive mail in.

Step 2:

For people with a google/gmail account: Check your mail and hit the ‘join’ button.

For people who do not have a google/gmail account: Check your mail, hit reply, and then send. (Hitting the ‘join’ button will try to make you start a new account).

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